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It's the One Percenters

Josh Lynott | Age 22 | Adelaide, Australia | Published 03-09-2018

A quote I adore is “It’s the one percenters.” For me, this is putting in that extra little bit of effort whether it be your job, sport, art, helping someone or anything else you may do – it pays off.

Additionally, it’s appreciating all the small events that occur throughout your day. The sum of these little moments are what make our days and lives so special and it’s why I value them with so much importance.

This video is a sum of those little moments that I've been lucky enough to have captured on camera throughout the past 9 or so months. In that time, I discovered paradise in the Philippines, adventured with my best mates in Hawaii, and explored the rain forests of Panama. I also published a book, "Why Don't You?" and won the Bali Hope Ultra Marathon, becoming the first person to run across the island of Bali. Of course, I also had many an excellent Acai bowl, befriended a fair share of puppies, and whipped together a quality Spotify Playlist. That's life quality.



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