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Life is SHORT & the world is WIDE!

Vivian Wong | Age 33 | Adelaide, Australia | Published 03-07-2018

Just back from my recent trip to Croatia and Greece where I took out travel insurance with Cover-More Australia! Fortunately, I had no need to call the team for anything but it was great knowing I was in good hands!
So a bit about myself, I am a videographer and digital marketer. I gave up my corporate job to do more of what I love which is filming, creating great content and most importantly having FUN! Life is too short to be sitting in an office wondering what could be.
This experience was pretty special as my partner and I had our wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia and unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to film in the old town but made up for it in Split and Greece. We travelled with both sides of the family which was great fun but didn't leave us much time for a honeymoon! If we win, this will definitely be perfect to fund our proper honeymoon to epic proportions! Thanks Cover-More for this opportunity to share my journey - hope you enjoy watching it!



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