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Story of the Curious Man

Whyi Gun Kim | Age 27 | Seoul, South Korea | Published 06-08-2018

-Why I started backpack traveling?
After I stopped university and started working as public service agent under the national duty, It was the beginning of existential questioning; The question of who am I, what do I value most in life, and the question of free will. Basically saying "WHAT IS MA LAIF~"

I can relate to a lot of people who feel stuck in perpetual routine and the expectation of others.
For some, it may even seem impossible to break that cycle. Due to extreme economic needs? Or responsibility for family?

As a person who came from a comfortable and stable background; my desire to escape from society and to experience something new every day accumulated in me. I wanted to just become a nobody wherever I go and reset everything I thought I knew about myself and the world around me; to let go of control, to let go of the grasping attitude towards life. The purpose or reason for my travel started to change and mold throughout the actual journey, but this is what I was feeling before I left.

-how it started~
The journey didn't just happen out of a whim. It required couple of years of preparation conditioning my attitude, mentality and skills. From a person who lacked multiple areas of discipline, I knew I was very far from being able to sustain myself and continue the journey without being dependent on money and family. Which made me feel a bit anxious but curious about the uncertainty.

My dad actually suggested me to do a practice journey to develop the skills I need by finding out what I lack through direct experience. So I did the practice journey alone as much as I could during the 2 years of public service. Whenever I had the chance off of work, I would pack up and leave with little to no money
and walk the distance. Through different provinces and villages; sleeping out in random places and often afraid to ask for help.

This helped me gain a bit of confidence and adaptability in certain scenarios. Although I was feeling very nervous about leaving everything behind, the impending departure didn't seem to scare me as much as I thought.



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