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Troopy Travellers - Life on the road

Simone Dougherty | Age 27 | Grafton, NSW, Australia | Published 03-09-2018

Here's more of an insight of our past 3 years travelling. We love everything adventure including but not limited to hiking, surfing, diving, snorkelling, fishing, flying, 4wding and probably a whole lot more I forgot to mention.

We are a 27 year old Australian couple who travel Australia in a Troopcarrier and only work when we run out of money. I, Simone, am a Marine Biologist and Zeb is an Electrician so it's pretty easy to find work wherever we stop. I've had the opportunity to work amongst the marine life of the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, swim with Whale Sharks and Humpback Whales at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia and search for Killer Whales off the coast of Bremer Bay, Western Australia. It's all pretty exciting! Sometimes we find ourselves overseas too. Travelling makes us happy and we choose to breathe, eat and sleep that happiness by living life on the road.

We've met so many beautiful people on the way and continue to have long lasting relationships even though we eventually have to leave them. We want to inspire people to get out there and chase their own happiness which doesn't necessarily have to be travelling but we want to show people that it is possible to live your dream. You just have to get out there and make a start.

This is us, we are the Troopy Travellers, find your happiness :-)



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