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Venture With Cody

Cody Cummings | Age 19 | Pleasant Point , New Zealand | Published 03-09-2018


My name is Cody and I am a photographer and videographer with a crazy thirst for travel that is based in Pleasant Point, New Zealand.

I first picked up my Mum’s Dslr about 5 years ago and started taking some photos around my back yard. it gradually grew and grew slowly over time allowing me to work for people wanting my work, allowing me to turn my hobby into a job which I am truly grateful for! I have filmed and photographed amazing moments such as weddings, seeing new cultures for the first time and many different events, capturing these memories is exactly why I do it.

Combing photography and travel (my 2 favourite things) is just perfect for me.
I hope everyone gets that feeling I get when they travel.

Moving counties has truly opened my mind. The landscapes and everything here in New Zealand are just mind blowing, looking out my window to see snow covered mountains, I still have to pinch myself!

If I ever get lost, find me in the mountains!

I hope you all enjoy my entry video.

- Cody



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